Ray Hadley
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Ray with Pauline Hanson
Ray with Pauline Hanson

The Continuous Call Team WB Caprice
Ray with Catherine Britt
Ray with Catherine Britt talking about her latest album Too Far Gone.
Ray with Eric Bana
Ray with Eric Bana
Ray with Kath and Kim
Ray with Kath and Kim
Delta Goodrem
Ray with Delta Goodrem
Ray's Lucky Shirt
Ray in his Lucky Shirt
Michael Richards
Ray with Michael Richards

January 2003
Ray Hadley in the new 2GB Studios at Pyrmont

Ray Hadley Joins 2GB 873

Ray Hadley and the Top Rating Talking League Team in the year 2000

2UE League '87
Ray about to make his debut as a Rugby League caller in January of 1987.

The launch of Ray Hadley's Rugby League broadcasting career in 1987

With Ray from left are: John Brennan, program director Radio 2UE, Bob Abbott from the NSW Rugby League, Michael Cleary NSW State Sports Minister, Graham Foster from the NSW Rugby League, Dennis Braybrook from the NSW Rugby League

Ray in 1982 when he first joined 2UE

The moustache went in 1983 and hasn't returned


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